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Who We Are:

We are a congregation of God’s people who are growing in trust and obedience to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are called here and now to be a worshipping, teaching and nurturing family. We are called to serve the lonely, the lost, the wounded, the despised, and the hopeless. We minister to all people. We urge all members to share the work and leadership of the church in genuine affection for each other and in loving outreach to those who are not members.

Our Mission:

...to seek God's will by loving and glorifying God, loving our neighbors, being active disciples, and bringing others into fellowship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit...

Our History:

On December 2, 1967 the first worship service was held at the DeSoto Youth Center

In August 1969, DeSoto Presbyterian Church was formally organized as a Union Presbyterian Church with 142 charter members

From 1970 until 1972 when the first service was held in the completed builing at the present location, services were held in the old Methodist Church on Beltline Road. It was also shared with Episcopalians while our church sanctuary was being built on land donated by The Dallas Extension Committee.

Beginning in 1984 and completing in 1986, we took on a great leap of faith by adding an office area, fellowship hall and Christian education wing.

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